Tubah Council poised to Bring water crisis to an end in Bambili

Mayor Tanjong Martin outlining successes and constraints, five months into second mandate

The Mayor of Tubah, Tanjong Martin has been mandated by the Councillors of his municipality to contract a loan from FEICOM and solve the perennial problem of water affecting the University Community

The councillors took this commitment during the 2020 midterm evaluation session of the Tubah council on Friday July 17

Students who reside in Bambili, the village that host the University of Bamenda trek several kilometers to get water from doubtful sources. This the council wants to prevent in the shortest time possible

This comes to fulfill one of the promises made during campaigns for the February 9 Municipal elections 

Cross section of councillors

For five months, the Mayor reveals that the council has successfully supplied the minimum packages to schools consisting of didactic materials, the construction of two culverts in Kedjom Keku with execution rate at over 95%. The council has also engaged in the supply of benches to Government School Sabga. This project is at 60% completion. 

The construction of a bridge in Ntehkezoh in Kedjom Ketinguh whose realisation is at 40% and two classrooms at Government Practicing School Sabga whose realisation is at 20%

Mayor Tanjong Martin also revealed that the contract for the construction of the Agric post in Bambili is still at the level of the internal tenders board and will be engaged within the shortest time possible. 

The contract to construct a zoo technical center in Bambili, rural electrification and the construction of the Ayigefeh bridge have just been awarded

The council has been able to grade the road to the DO's office, Ntigi, Ntanagah, Ndomeleh quarters and the entrance to CCAST street

The council at the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Cameroon went ahead to distribute sanitary kits to all the four villages that make up Tubah, messages on how to bar the virus from getting to the subdivision were passed across to the masses.As at Friday July 17, Tubah had recorded 17 cases of the coronavirus. Tanjong Martin insists that barrier measures put in place by the Government of Cameroon and the WHO must be respected by all and sundry

The Divisional Officer for Tubah, Garga Alim represented the SDO of Mezam in the presence of the Member of Parliament for Bafut-Tubah, Hon Agho Oliver

The midterm evaluation of the council has seen contracts from the public investment budget and contracts from the council all engaged but for the Agric post.

This under a very difficult financial period with the suspension of some taxes to be paid to the council because of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic

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  1. The water crisis issues l is unbearable, coupled with instability in elective to supply,we hope taps will start flowing as early as possible, because I can't count how much I've spent so far on a bike to fetch water, at the heart of the rainy season,when STUDENTS are not many in BAMBILI,yet taps are still unable to flow,where as others have water all round the clock on their houses.We equally need a public tap in BAMBILI, especially at the entrance or centre of BAMBILI.Thank you very much for that beautiful news package,more Grace to you sir.

  2. Best angles so far. Thank You 237 observer.