COVID-19; Bamenda II Council steps up fight, empowers Quarter heads

Health personnels sensitising quarter heads

The Mayor of the Bamenda II Municipality has handed over tap buckets, soaps and hand sanitizers to quarter heads as a means to fight the spread of the Coronavirus

Chenwi Peter while handing out the sanitary equipments promised  to incorporate the quarter heads in the development strides of the council, emphasizing that they come up with projects for funding. They will also assist the council in revenue collection

"The council in the face of COVID-19 has started distributing sanitary equipments in a bid to kick the coronavirus out of our council area"

The quarter heads saluted the initiative of the council for bringing them into it's development plan and reminded the new leadership that there is a project bank developed by the former Mayor and should be consulted

Cameroon currently counts 600+ cases of the Coronavirus. The North West is yet to register a case. Six of Cameroon's 10 regions have been affected with the East registering it's first case

Health personnels explained to the quarter heads the mode of transmission of the COVID-19 with a call for continues hand washing and keeping away from habits that breakdown the immune system. They were also taught how to prepare hand sanitizers in large quantities

The DO of Bamenda II reminded the quarter leaders to transmit the knowledge learned to all and sundry in the four villages that make up Bamenda II

In less than two months, the council has been able to step up sanitation across the council area. They has been a substantial reduction in rents by shop owners across the municipality


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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