Military Raids Ngoketunjia Again, "general No Pity" dies in Process

The defense forces of Cameroon have carried out another raid in some separatists strongholds in the Ngoketunjia Division, North West Cameroon after their last operation which lasted for five days.

The latest military raid has led to the death of "general No Pity" believed to have masterminded the attack on the gendamerie brigade and police station in Galim.

He was one of the main ochestrators of the Galim incident of 7th March and was badly wounded from last week's military raid that took away the life of "general action man" with a huge stock of weapons collected and displayed in Bangourain.

Brigadier General Nka Valere in his words in Bangourain to his valiant soldiers who carried out the operation said; "you guys have done a good job but your work is not complete till you bring me "general no Pity" who was shot, badly wounded and on the run".

Just few days after, the self proclaimed general is no more.


Nji Nelson Chefor

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