CAGEAD calls on Women to be at the Forefront of Peace Building.

NW Regional Delegate of Women's Empowerment

Women have in the past been neglected, seen to be persons with voices that should only be heard when given the chance to  and Atimes not heard at all. Their place being at home, taking care of the family.

 The 21st century, a time in which this view has changed, as such a motivational backbone that caused the center for Advocacy in Gender Equality and Action  for development, CAGEAD to launch a #stand with Women Peace Builders campaign at the Epic Events Center, today 12th of march 2020.With its mission of empowering women and girls for sustainable development and a vision to create a society where skilled women and girls make informed decisions and effectively participate in the development process, the first idea of shifting narrative journalism to peace journalism  was attained.

Bringing the women at the forefront of peace building efforts in different regions in Cameroon as peace ambassadors is the second step and as suc, the Regional delegate for women's empowerment,  Wirba Asan, the coordinator at CAGEAD, Waah Clotilda Andiensa and Foncham Gladys who represented the Northwest and Southwest women task force and a host of others were present.

Madam Foncham Gladys outlined some difficulties faced by women in the attainment of peace building such as Gender stereotype, unequal Gender structure, threats from conflicting parties and financial constraints. She added that, this shouldn't be a wall of China as she urged the women to rise and be involved. "We must get involved, we shouldn't remain silent...the cost of remaining silent is higher than the cost of getting involved ".

The Regional delegate for women's empowerment pinpointed the fact that the recent sufferings has taken the population backwards as rights have been violated. He laid emphasises that peace will only be attained if women decide not to be victims but fighters and promoters of love and peace. He assures them of working with them every step of the way for "we have a common goal", he explained.

The event was entertained with a symbolic traditional dance from the Fombang Royal Dance group, using peace plants as a tool for peace, and a Cameroonian female artist Lionelle, whose song negated the killings in the country.

Joy, confidence,and reassurance were  the take home feelings, knowing CAGEAD got their back.


Vanessa Ning

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