Anglophone Crisis; 'General Fire', Nine other Separatist fighters killed

'Ambazonia' separatists fighters have come under heavy attacks from the soldiers of the Cameroon Defense Forces in a locality known as 'Yoruba' in Kejom Ketinguh, Tubah Subdivision of North West Cameroon

In a confrontation in the Morning hours of Saturday 29th February 2020, the leader of the Separatists fighters, General Fire was shot dead alongside Nine others

The Commander of the 5th Military Region, Brigadier General Nka Valere says the raid was provoked by an attack on the construction side to house the headquarters brigade of the 5th military Region where one soldier was killed

In retaliation, the military neutralised 10 Separatists fighters and seized improvised explosive Device (IED), Dane guns, mystical ropes, bullets and a good quantity of marijuana

General Nka Valere has promised to set the records straight by maintaining order across the North West

In strict instructions handed to the elements of the Defense and security forces, he told the soldiers not to spare anyone who wants to rain terror on the population, empathizing that they should protect the people at all cost

The death of General Fire comes few months after the killing of General Chacha in Kumbo


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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